HamRadio 360 Workbench – Antenna Analyzer

August 6, 2016


Welcome to the HamRadio 360 Workbench Antenna Analyzer project page !

This is a quick glimpse at our first Workbench community build project.  This antenna analyzer was designed by our good friend Beric, K6BEZ.  The idea is to make a low cost antenna analyzer that can be battery operated and used in the field or plugged into a PC to extend it’s functionality.  This picture is the rev 1 prototype board which was designed in Cadsoft’s Eagle PCB design tool.


This is a partially build board.  The upper left solder pads are for the right angle BNC connector.  The blue daughter board on the top left is the DDS (direct digital synthesis) board which generates the signal.  The little blue board to it’s right is an Arduino Pro Micro which has a micro USB jack.  To the right of that is the DC power input jack.  The big dark rectangle is the 2 line x 16 character LCD display and there are three push buttons to the right.

The final version of the board will look pretty much like this. The whole design including the hardware schematics, layout, firmware and optional PC software will all be open source.

Stay tuned to the HamRadio 360 Workbench podcast for more details.