Dayton Forum: HF Antennas… Think Like a Backpacker !

March 23, 2016


Dayton is around the corner and I was invited to give a talk about portable HF antennas.  The title is “Portable HF Antenna Design – Think Like a Backpacker”.  Here is the description…


Whether you operate SOTA, Field Day, or just setup in the back yard, operating portable HF radio is more popular than ever.  In this session we will apply the light weight backpacker’s approach to compact, portable antennas including the new trail friendly PackTenna Mini.  Wire antennas are simple to build if you know a few basic design techniques.  In addition to the antenna, we will also look at new light weight battery technology, solar power and other operating accessories.
The timing is good as we just finished field testing the new PackTenna Mini end-fed wire antenna.  There is quite a bit of mystery around end-fed antennas, ferrite materials, antenna tuners, common mode currents and the like.  While there is a lot of material out there, some dating back to the pre-WWII era, when it comes to figuring out *exactly* what materials to use or how many turns of wire you need, the information gets a little sketchy.  There is nothing like making yourself design and build something to help you figure out how it works.  Or at least, get a good bead on the common wisdom.  My goal for the session at Dayton is to demystify the end-fed antenna and impedance matching transformers used.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by.

The session is on Saturday at 2:15 PM – Hope to see you there !