March 16, 2016


I was first licensed in 1972 as a Novice and upgraded to Extra over the years. I am active in repeater systems, HF QRP, portable operating, D-STAR, and my local radio club, Bay-Net. I really enjoy designing and building electronic projects and I am the co-developer of the Sierra Radio repeater control systems and the PackTenna portable HF antenna system. I can usually be found on our local club’s repeater system, my favorite HF mode is CW and my favorite operating event is Field Day. This year’s goals include more portable operating (think SOTA) and working on my CW skills.
My main station is an Elecraft K3 and a vertical antenna and my portable station is a KX3.

I listened to the first few episodes of the Fo Time podcast (now HamRadio 360) and was really impressed with the host, Cale, K4CDN. He has a warm, genuine personality with a real love for ham radio. I dropped him an email to introduce myself and suggested that there were several ham radio friends that would make great guests on the podcast. When he found out that I had a lot of experience building repeaters, he invited me to be a guest on the show. It was so much fun I offered to help with the podcast. One thing led to another and Cale invited me to work with him and Jeremy to help plan and produce the show.


I am now the co-host of the HamRadio 360 Workbench podcast with my co-host Jeremy, KF7IJZ.  We had so much interest from listeners that wanted to do more DIY projects that we decided to launch this new series.  Ham radio is a wonderful hobby filled with great people and I hope that I can help people learn something new, be inspired to build something or get on the air.

About this Blog
My blog will focus on the aspects of ham radio that interest me and that I hope others will find interesting. This will also be a place where we can go deeper om some of the HamRadio 360 podcast topics. So if you like to build stuff, go outdoors to operate, lean about new technology or are just looking for some practical advice as a new ham, please tune into my blog.  If you have any suggestions or questions for the podcast or blog topics drop me an email at george@hamradio360.com.

73 George KJ6VU

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